Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool - Long Stainless Steel Handle with Replaceable Screw In Fine Tool End

by Bergeon

Brand: Bergeon

Details: Bergeon & Cie, a renowned Swiss company, established in 1791, has distinguished itself as a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of precision tools for the watch making and jewelry industry. Bergeon is continually improving its products through active engagement with their customers that range from small adjustments to standard products to the development of completely new tools. Bergeon tools are the benchmark in the watch industry for tools to manufacture, adjust and repair watches of all makes.

The Bergeon 6767-F, the brother of the 6767-S (ASIN:B00KG4M5GW) is an all stainless steel construction spring bar tool manufactured in Switzerland to exacting Swiss Quality. It features a round stainless steel handle with knurled grip areas machined into the handle for easy grip and is 148 mm (approximately 5.5 inches) long with the tool ends inserted.

The "F" is for fine fork tip which is generally used for working with metal watch bracelets but can be easily used on leather or other pliable bands. The small forked tip on the Bergeon 6767-F springbar tool is only 1mm in diameter and was designed to be the perfect size for compressing spring bars on watch straps without damaging the watch strap or watch. The pin end is perfect for compressing push pins and recessed buttons. Both ends are made of hardened tempered stainless steel for strength and durability.

Replacement tips are available separately for this tool, the 6767-AF (ASIN: B00PGR73ZM) is the Fine Blade and the 6767-BF (ASIN: B00PGR8Y7I) is the pin end. If you replace the Fine Blade with a standard blade, 6767-A (ASIN: B00PGV0OKE) you will have the 6767-S (ASIN:B00KG4M5GW)