Timing is everything for today’s top executives, especially when you’re one of the leaders of the free world. Today is Presidents Day across the United States. Although much attention has been paid to the moderately priced Timex and Jorg Gray wristwatches worn by recent Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton respectively, many of their predecessors knew a thing or two regarding time-keeping excellence.

A Tiffany & Co. timepiece was seen on the wrist of 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his three terms in office as President from 1933 to 1945. Roosevelt also wore a Frankfeld Repeater Skeleton pocket watch as well.

VULCAIN-210550.280LBK (1)Harry S. Truman, who followed Roosevelt in office, wore a Universal Genève Tri-Complex chronograph watch during his years in office as well as a Vulcain Cricket Alarm watch. Truman was the first US president to start the tradition of receiving a Vulcain Swiss timepiece to commemorate his first years in office. Each President who followed Truman into office has also received a Vulcain Cricket watch from the Swiss watchmaker in honor of their presidency. Presidents Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush have been seen wearing their Vulcain Cricketwatches while in office, while many of the others have chosen not to wear them.

Prestigious watchmaker Rolex has certainly been the watch of choice for Presidents Dwight David Eisenhower,  Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan. A solid gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch was gifted to Eisenhower Rolex in 1951 to thank Eisenhower for saving Europe from the Nazi occupation, during  his stand as a US General in World War II.ROLEX-16253-PO

Kennedy was more of an admirer of Omega watches and wore a rectangular 18K gold strap model to his 1961 Inauguration. He also had Bulova and Cartier timepieces in his collection. Kennedy also received an 18K gold Rolex Date-Just in 1962 from Marilyn Monroe, with the words “Jack With Love Always From Marilyn, May 29th 1962” engraved on the back, but apparently never wore the watch.

Lyndon Johnson, the nation’s 36th President was a true watch aficionado and had premium Patek Philippe, Hamilton, Vulcain Cricket, Jaeger-LeCoulte and Rolex timepieces in his esteemed collection. The Rolex Date-Just watch Johnson wore during his years in office from 1963 -1969, was named the Rolex President’s Watch by Rolex, while the triple-link bracelet on the watch was name the Presidential bracelet as well.

ROLEX-19018-PORichard M. Nixon, who followed Johnson into office wore a Vulcain Cricket watch he gifted by the brand while Vice President under Eisenhower. Gerald R. Ford, the nation’s 38thPresident helped make the Pulsar Digital watch popular when he wore it in 1974. In fact, Jewelry stores were featuring pictures of Ford wearing the watch in their holiday windows during the 1974 Christmas season.

Ronald Reagan was also an admirer of Rolex watches and was seen sporting a Rolex Date-Just on a Jubilee bracelet her the two terms of his presidency from 1981-1989.

There are many prestigious Rolex timepieces to discover at luxury online retailer, including the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date  Watch in 18K yellow gold. This outstanding men’s Swiss-made automatic watch features highly priced chronometer certification by the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Test Institute).

The handsome Tonneau shaped case in brushed and polished 18K yellow gold is presented on the triple-link President bracelet in 18K gold. The signature fluted bezel encircles the yellow gold colored dial with baton hands and hour markers. Features include an automatic date calendar and sapphire crystal above the dial.

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