Frank Muller Launched The Tourbillon Watch GIGA TOURBILLON

Geneva, Switzerland, senior watch brand Franck Muller Falanmule complex field of watchmaking always been the pursuit of self-break, in order to create works of when the meter beyond the self. Following the 2009 launch of the altar table on the build-up-in-one ultra-complicated watches Aeternitas Mega 4, the 2011 re-challenge the limit of watchmaking, the introduction of a new chain on the 10th of GIGA Tourbillon Tourbillon watch. This is a new watch works, once again demonstrates the complexity of master watchmaker Franck Muller craftsmanship. Its advanced R & D capabilities and top professional technology, GIGA Tourbillon watch again to lay a new milestone, but also the tabulation process led to a new area.

Frank Muller Launched The Tourbillon Watch GIGA TOURBILLON

As the name GIGA watch Tourbillon carry this load with the current size of the largest in the watch in the Tourbillon mechanism, up to 2 cm in diameter, occupies the entire half of the watch area, atmospheric design with the letters Tuo FM flywheel frame, when the watch operation, you can clearly see the huge flying tourbillon watch hovering among the offers amazing visual impact.

Another special about the movement is to break the usual laws of Franck Muller, reverse the movement to use the entire gold: that is, the original reverse movement plywood bottom side up as a side dish to use, and re-gear adjustment arrangement, so take a closer look can be found, generally watch the hour and minute hands position on the minute hand in the next hour, but GIGA Tourbillon time, but it is the minute hand minute hand position in the next hour.

Meanwhile, to ensure that power the watch up to ten days, different from the traditional watch with only one or two barrel to power, GIGA Tourbillon 10 Tourbillon watch chain fitted four barrel wear, and more under way to link twenty-two interconnected to form two pairs with the operation of the barrel the way, this design makes the chain more quickly and efficiently process the stored kinetic energy, while providing more stability in the release of kinetic energy when the driver watch. In the escapement also made on the development of a new breakthrough. Watchmaker Franck Muller has developed a new high-performance escapement, balance wheel rotates, the inertia force four times higher than traditional tourbillon watch, while the balance wheel of the vibration frequency of 2.5 Hz, need large gossamer to ensure the stability of the balance wheel, so Franck Muller designed specially developed new spring device, thus, have a stability, accuracy and atmospheric landmark designed tourbillon already born.


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