Bulova Brand Watches at Discount Prices

Bulova watches Men's & Women'sIn years past, receiving his first watch was a right of passage for many a young man, similar to receiving his first wallet or his first car. Everyone wore a watch and you were often judged by the watch you wore. That time has passed. Today, few young adults wear watches and almost no children wear them. Those that do often wear them more for style than as an actual device to keep time. It is for this demographic, that is more concerned with style than functionality, that the Bulova brand is most obviously designed.

Bulova brand watches, almost to a number, incorporate a bold mix of classical and modern styles. These are watches that mix digital typeface with openly visible gears or place a traditional watch face on a band that looks like it is taken straight from a Casio. It is an unusual blending, but one that appeals to a generation that is interested in an old-fashioned accessory like a watch, while simultaneously looking to show off its own style.

The major downside of this blended style is that Bulova watches tend to sacrifice easy readability. Many Bulova brand watches practically camouflage the numbers and even the ones that don't are generally so crowded that it is difficult to tell exactly what the hands are pointing at. Oddly, even the models that are almost entirely of a traditional design, opt not to use numbers at all, making them difficult to read. But, as was noted from the start, functionality is clearly trumped by style in Bulova brand watches.

Precisionist Collection

The Precisionist Collection is particularly interesting because the Bulova Precisionist Collection has some of the most precise watches available. Not willing to settle for accuracy to the second, this collection of watches is accurate to one fifth of a second. Admittedly, that is completely worthless to actually telling time, but it is the type of feature that you can show off and truly resonates with modern watch wearers.

The Marine Star Collection offers a different type of appeal. Each and every watch in this collection of men's watches is a water resistant chronograph. Additionally, every watch includes both a traditional set of hour, minute, and second hands, and a set of three dials for each of those units of time, with separate hands. Finally, this unusual collection is available at some of the best sale prices you can find.

While the vast majority of Bulova brand watches are men's watches, there are also three women's watches available as well. Unlike the men's watches, these watches are all traditional designs, two with leather bands, and one with a linked metal band. Bulova makes up for this lack of a modern touch with cut diamonds on the face of all three watches, a feature sure to appeal to many a young lady.Bulova watches womens

For young men and women that are more likely to pull out a smart phone to look at the time than look at their wrist, these Bulova brand watches are an ideal accessory. They are snappy and exciting, but every single one also has a sophisticated edge, usually most notable in the watch bands. Bulova brand watches make excellent coming of age or graduation gifts, and are the kind of watches that will be worn, rather than left sitting on a shelf. For the best selection and cheapest prices on Bulova watches, check out Realwatches.com.

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