Real Watches Is Setting the Trend for the Better Online Watch-Buying Experience

Real Watches, North Miami Beach-based Company, which has established itself as a new mega online watch-retailer, is setting the trend for better wristwatches and watch-buying experience.

“We are always concerned with time. Time is of the essence, time is money. You hear these words every day. At Real Watches we take time seriously, and value it more than anything, that is why we select only the best of the best on the market to present it on our website,” explains Vadim Shersher, co-owner.

This statement definitely makes sense - if one looks at the history of the wristwatches, and the way they evolved over time, he’ll notice a relatively short amount of time (just about a hundred years), that these timepieces have been popular and widely used. These can be explained simply by the fact that people didn’t need wristwatches in older days. But thanks to Industrial Revolution and the need for commute to get to work for both men and women, wristwatches became an essential, hard-to-imagine-the-life-without piece of wardrobe.

“Now, when we live at the times of great technological advances, many think, that wristwatches will become obsolete. But let me tell you, the need for luxury and style will always be there. Cell phones can’t completely replace wristwatches simply because wristwatch is not only a timepiece, it’s also a trendy accessory and, at times, a collectible, that’s worth to pass on to the next generation,” adds Arkadiy Pogrebetskiy, co-founder and watch-selling expert. Most selling and popular watch brands online inluding Invicta watches, Swiss Legend, and Rotary watches.

Convenience of use, irresistible looks, and timeless value – these are a few things that distinguish a quality wristwatch from its cell-phone “competitors”. After all, the watch is also a status-quo attribute – people look at one’s watch the way he might look at theirs to determine the ultimate importance of the owner. And, if one wants to gain that additional importance and purchase a memorable timepiece, then it would worth a consult with a professional to do so. Experts at Real Watches online-store claim to know-it-all, when it comes to the watch-selling experience.

“At our online store, we want to not only facilitate the sale transaction, we care about buyers’ overall experience – we want to make sure, that our customers get exactly what they need. We are always ready to fetch an appropriate piece of advice for those who are hesitating and don’t know what to choose. Customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal, that is why the experience of expert consult we create on the website, 24-hour customer support, and ease of purchase as well as wide selection of watch models are our biggest advantages,” states Vadim.

Seems like the collaboration of these two watch-selling experts is working its magic. Meanwhile customers can check their new website at:
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