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If you love watches (as we do), then you are no new to the brand we’re sinking are heads in today. Hardly anybody is not familiar with trendy Invictas. Invicta Watches has been around for quite a while, and proved to be one of the most popular stylish watch-company since the beginning of its journey back in the XIXth Century, in Switzerland.
Over the years the company evolved in what we know today as the most popular watch-manufacturer on the US East Coast of elegant, quality, yet ridiculously affordable watches that are loved by everybody.


Millions of people around the world appreciate these irresistible timepieces for the number of great features that shape into one watch-brand – Invicta. The popularity of the brand is in particular high tide in South America, especially in Brazil.

The country of Brazil is simultaneously South America’s largest country (by both population and geographical size) as well as one of its most diverse and fascinating. Because of the rapid growth experienced by this country in terms of urban development, industrialization and population in the beginning of the 21st century, Brazil is facing a number of social, environmental and political challenges. However, it is also because of this growth that it is doing so well in terms of its economy. In fact, it is one of the World’s largest and fast-growing economies.

With the expansion of the manufacturing and international trading, Brazil is now on the top of the list of the most significant countries in the world. It is also because of this, that Brazilians are the top buyers on the market when it comes to luxury brands, especially watches. And sure enough, Invicta is the brand that is devoured the most.
Citizens of the carnival-blessed country come to South Florida to explore what Miami has to offer and get their hands on Invicta watches, since over the century and a half ago the company’s headquarters has been relocated to Florida, and vastly expanded their lines, still dedicated to the idea of luxury-quality watches for less.

Today, Invicta offers literally hundreds of different watches, both quartz and automatic, of every conceivable color, style and material. In addition, Invicta manufactures watch accessories, eyewear, and pens.
Remarkably enough, there’re still just a few local retailers offering Invicta Watches with the desirable price-tag. But rest assured, if you are one of those Brazilian watch-seekers searching for the straight-from-the-manufacturer Invictas, Real Watches has got you covered.
We’ve been in the business of watch-trading long enough to know how important it is to not get caught up in the race for the best price, hauling over several different retailers. And working with the Brazilian clients for decades we pride ourselves in providing the best prices for Invicta Watches all around Miami area.Huge selection of Invicta models and easy-to-navigate table of features will help you find the right fit for your wrist. And, if there is a need for more, Real Warches offers the option to buy Invicta watches wholesale – large quantities, best prices. As simple as it is, you can explore our website and look through the vast collection of Invictas or you can come to our local store in North Miami Beach, and get to speak with us directly. Either way, Real Watches will help you get what you are looking for.

Some of the most stunning models you can find on sale on Real Watches website are Invicta Venom 0361 Men's Reserve, Invicta Men's 14500 Subaqua Noma III, Invicta Men's 5403 Subaqua Noma III, Invicta Excursion 6471 Reserve, Invicta Excursion 6469 Reserve, Invicta 0339 Arsenal, Invicta 12744 Bolt Reserve, Invicta 1568 Reserve and Invicta Men's 6983 Pro Diver Collection, Invicta 073 Pro Diver yellow gold, Invicta 0072 Pro Diver yellow gold. Newest model Invicta Excursion

15327. All equipped with the fascinating chronograph and featuring bold precious metal lining they are a treat to the most knowledgeable buyer.

So, if you are one of those watch-buyers from Brazil that is seeking great-quality brand-new Invicta watches for the best price there is, look no further – Real Watches is conveniently located in the heart of North Miami Beach, and we will be happy to help you with all of your watch-buying needs right here on the spot. And, meanwhile, you can always check our website for the updates on the Invicta watch collection.
Stay tuned!

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