About Michele Watches. Top of the women’s luxury watch market.

Many watch lovers around the world have wondered, who is the “Michele” behind the Michele Watch Company, and how did she get started in making these gorgeous designer watches?  Well, I did a little research, and here is the scoop.

“Michele” is actually Michele Barouh, daughter of Michele Watches founder Jack Barouh.  The company was named for her when she was a very small child, but Michele Barouh has grown to continue the tradition of the Michele Watch Company into the 21st century.  As a third generation watchmaker, Michele studied at Sotheby’s Institute, earning a Masters degree in art and business.  Michele now serves as the creative mastermind for the manufacturing, creativity, design and retail marketing aspects of the company.ative director, Michele is known for incorporating her love of travel into the designs that she creates, and she brings a younger, more whimsical perspective to the collections.  She instinctively understands the balance between developing the brand and keeping the company on the cutting edge of fashion.  One of her major contributions to Michele is the design and launch of Michele watches with interchangeable bands, a development that has made an impression on the fashion world as well as the watch making community.

In addition to their color schemes and beautiful designs, Michele watches are also known for their functionality and craftsmanship. Even though the Fossil watch company acquired Michele Watches in 2004, Michele Barouh remains as the dynamic force behind the brand, keeping Michele watches consistently at the cutting edge of international fashion trends.

This relatively young watch company is quickly  rising to the top of the women’s luxury watch  market, and it looks like with Michele Barouh l  leading the way, they are well positioned for  continued growth.

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