Breitling watches created a pilot’s best friend

At the 2013 Baselworld, Breitling Watches introduced an updated version of their emergency watch? It is christened the Emergency II and has a dual frequency locator beacon. According to Breitling Watches, this is world’s first instance of such a watch coming in to market.

Breitling Watches created the original Emergency to operate at 121.5 MHz, which is the internationally recognized air distress frequency. This was created with the aim of homing in on the victims of air crashes. As the watch is going to fit comfortably on their wrists at all times, this is a favored accessory of pilots. In case the equipment on the aircraft gets damaged during the crash, this secondary transmitter can come in handy. The usefulness and popularity of the device helped Breitling Watches to sell a large number of these emergency watches.

With the 2013 version of the Emergency, Breitling Watches is making it more useful for plane crash survivors. It has a personal beacon locator that can be used to alert rescuers and also for them to reach victims.

 New features shower Breitling watches latest creation
  Breitling Watches spent some time and money in coming up with the Emergency II. They      worked with some scientific institutions and came up with the features of the watch.  It has a    rechargeable battery, a compact antenna system and a dual frequency transmitter.
 It is a true work of art from Breitling, one of the most influential luxury brands in the industry,   to fit all these functionality in to a wrist watch. They hope the device will help people to    survive disastrous situations in land, air and water.
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