Invicta Watches Review - The Build Quality of Invicta Watches

Posted February 05 2017

Invicta Watches Review: Watch Quality

Our Invicta watches review hopes to answer the questions you may have about Invicta watches. What are Invicta watches like? What kind of watches do they offer? How high quality is the build of their timepieces? A company can’t be a great company unless it sells a great product, and the same applies to the watch industry. How does Invicta measure up when it comes to it’s quality? The first thing to look at when reviewing watches is the quality of the watch as a whole. Invicta offers a large variety of watches, but how high quality are these timepieces?

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The Movement of Invicta’s Watches

 Invicta offers several movements in its watches. One of the best probably belongs to their Technica Swiss Ebauche 1902 Mechanical Chronograph,a watch that uses a Seagull ST-19 movement. Although this isn’t a Swiss movement, it’s still a good sample of the kind of quality that Invicta offers. Invicta’s Pro Divers also contain excellent movements, such as the SII/Epson NH25 and the Miyota 8215. Overall, Invicta sells pretty high quality movements, especially for the watch’s price range. However, it’s still  a good idea to check out what movement an Invicta watch has before purchasing, just because there’s such a large variety that they offer.

The Build Quality of Invicta Watches

  If you do your own internet research, you’ll hear very  mixed  reviews on whether Invicta watches have a  good build  quality or not. Depending on who you talk to,  they either live up to their Latin name  ‘Invincible’, or  they fall apart once they touch a hard surface.

  Invicta’s Pro Divers  certainly receive the best ratings, and are definitely very sturdy  when it comes to  diving, climbing, running, or any kind of outdoor activity. When it  comes to build  quality, they clearly take the prize. Invicta’s other watches have  average to excellent  build qualities, with their diver watches, again, being the best.

The Designs of Invicta Watches

A watch company can’t get anywhere if it doesn’t have good designs. Where does Invicta stand in terms of design quality? In past years, Invicta has been criticized for taking cues from other watch companies. Some of their watches do have similar features to watches from other luxury brands - in some cases, outclassing the watches that they’re supposed to be copying - but On thing that Invicta does well: their watches have great prices. Other companies sell watches as good as Invicta’s (though perhaps without Invicta’s unique design innovation), but the price is far above what Invicta offers.                         

 Invicta’s watches are definitely worth the price they’re sold for, if not much, much more.Invicta watches always have their own style to them that other brand’s don’t have (not to mention a lot cheaper price). Invicta’s designs are probably one of the best features of the watch company. Since Invicta has so many watch collections, there is a diverse selection of styles to choose from. Each collection has its own unique designs. Some of the most popular designs exist in their Reserve and Diver collections.Invicta Watches Review: Are Invicta’s Watches Worth It For the Price? 


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Invicta Watches Review: A Popular, High Quality Company

Today, the Invicta watch company is one of the fastest growing in the watch industry. They have many collectors, and many more fans. They are constantly coming out with new collections and improving their designs. You’ll find their watches worn by all kinds of celebrities and sports stars. But when it really comes down to it, this review isn’t about how popular the watch company is. Hopefully, this Invicta watches review has helped you make the choice between Invicta and other watch brands and given you the information that you need to buy your watch.